Brett Martin
White and a range of basic colours
White – 3mm (soft finish – stocked) White 5mm + Basic colours – 3mm, 5mm (to order)
White – 10mm (a very substantial rigid board – to order)
White – 3mm (hard gloss finish, gloss provides more UV protection than standard board- stocked) 5mm to order.

isle of wight plastics foamed pvc

Possible applications

Painted signs, vinyl signs, notice boards, menu & tariff boards, artwork, low cost temporary signs, exhibitions, displays, garden gate privacy.

Please note:

Sheets are mainly in 8’ x 4’. I am happy to sell part sheets of 3mm white although this would be at a premium. Sheets can be cut to size should you require it. 

Working tips

Cut with a Stanley knife, jigsaw with plastic cutting blade or fine toothed handsaw. As this is a soft material be careful when using a jigsaw that it doesn’t runaway with itself! Cutting with a knife is easiest making long strokes completely through the material remembering to protect the surface underneath.

Storage and transport

All plastic sheets should either be stored flat or supported by a board leaning at an angle of 80 degrees to the ground. If sheets are leaned against a wall at too steep an angle the downward pressure may cause distortion.
The make-up of the material means that it can be susceptible to denting.
3mm 8’ x 4’ sheets can be rolled up temporarily and fitted into the back of the average car. Release to flat as soon as possible.


Please contact me to request a small sample of any stocked material.