If you intend to collect (pre-arranged times only) please make sure that you can get the goods into your vehicle before setting off.
The only cars I know of that will easily accept a 4ft (1220mm) width sheet through the back are the old square style Volvo estate and the Ford Sierra estate. Very few sheets are flexible enough to bend and fit into a smaller car.
Foamed pvc sheets in 3mm thickness will roll to a degree and it is quite often possible to get two or maybe three into a standard 4 door.
Don’t arrive with passengers on the back seat though!

Isle of Wight Delivery – this is an optional extra and by quotation depending on the goods ordered. Deliveries of sheets larger than 39”(1m) x 60”(1.5m) are made by carrier and it will be much cheaper if you can collect or you know of someone who can.

I work from home. My address is: 12 Wilberforce Road, Brighstone. PO304BD.

IMPORTANT!! I work alone and may be out visiting customers so please contact me before you come otherwise you may have a wasted journey.